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LighterLife Fast Review

Hi Guys,
I'm finally back with my review of LighterLife Fast. Sorry it took a while. I wanted to make sure that the diet provided real results (losing fat as opposed to water). And I'm happy to say it does!

LighterLife Fast is a new diet plan based around the increasingly popular 5:2 diet. The plan is made up of meal replacements such as shakes, cereal bars, soups and pasta dishes that are all available from Superdrug. Each box comes with 4 sachets inside giving you enough food for a day. 4 sachets offer you your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals whilst giving you the right balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat for under 600 calories per day. If you would like to read more about the plan you can read my original post
here or visit the LighterLife Fast website

The Results

OK, so after 2 weeks I have lost 6lbs. The first week I lost 2lbs. And I was particularly naughty on the days I wasn't on the plan. We had friends visiting and I ate out 3 times. And not once did I choose the healthy option. Tut tut.

On the second week I was far better behaved. I went swimming twice and went for a lovely walk one evening. We ate fairly healthily on the days I wasn't on the plan and I'm very happy to report I lost 4lbs! That's fairly astonishing as usually when I'm on a diet (and I'm being very good indeed) I'll be lucky to shift 2lbs a week.

The Food

I tried the Banana milkshake, Vanilla milkshake, Crispy Cranberry and Raspberry Bars, Nut Fudge Bar and the Pasta Carbonara.

The milkshakes are extremely convenient to throw in your bag. Superdrug sell the LighterLife Fast shakers for £4.99 which I highly recommend. You just pop in some cold water, pour in your powdered sachet, shake and slurp. They taste rather nice. Yes, they taste a little powdery, but I think that's to be expected. Lovely flavour that doesn't taste artificial.

Next I tried the Crispy Cranberry and Raspberry Bars. These are my personal favourite. I could literally eat them all day. But I won't, because that would defeat the point. They taste wonderful and are really substantial. I eat these for lunch and don't get hunger pangs until around 5pm. 

Now, I've been reserving the Pasta Carbonara for tea. I love that I can eat something warm. It just makes sticking to the plan more manageable. I've had to manage my expectations a little with this one. Is it going to taste as good as the usual carbonara that contains 2000 calories? No it is not. But it is nice to have something warm, carby and comforting at the end of the day.

If you have a real sweet tooth then the Nut Fudge Bar might be for you. It tastes a lot like a Snickers! I had one of these when I had a real chocolate craving and it definitely hit the spot. I did find this tasted a little on the salty side but then I never add salt to anything so it could just be me. 

Finally, I'd like to point out how wonderful the ingredients section is. Any potential allergens are highlighted in bold text meaning it's really easy to spot your allergen on the packet. I often feel like I spend half my life reading packets so I really can't express how utterly wonderful this one little thing is!

If you're thinking of doing the 5:2 diet I'd really recommend taking a look at the LighterLife Fast range in Superdrug. There are plenty of different meal options to choose from and I think it's much healthier than skipping meals. I haven't felt hungry, cranky, tired or groggy whilst on the plan. 

Have you tried LighterLife Fast? Have you had good results on the 5:2 diet? 



  1. I haven't tried it but know people who have lost a lot of weight on this diet x

  2. I'm in my 4th week of the trial and have lost 7.2lbs so far. Written lots about how I'm finding it. Hint - use a blender for your shakes, they don't taste powdery one little bit :) good luck and well done so far hun! x


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