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Tea and Tarts in Stratford upon Avon

Sometimes you need a proper girls weekend. When the boys informed us of their plans to have boozy lads weekend up North, Lora and I decided to stay in Warwickshire for an all together more civilised weekend of shopping and afternoon tea.
We headed into Stratford upon Avon. If you haven't been before, I urge you to go. It's very cute. And very British. And there's bunting everywhere. 

We headed to Vinegar Hill which is my favourite gift shop. If you like pretty, heart shaped things, vintage inspired bits and bobs and and generally lovely stuff you'll want to go here. 
I took some sneaky photos on my iPhone of our general sillyiness....
After trawling the shops and hitting the Dior counter hard we dragged our exhausted selves to The Fourteas for afternoon tea. 
Lora decided that tea just wouldn't cut it and ordered the Prosecco afternoon tea.
A giant pot of tea arrived with triangular tuna and cucumber sandwiches (sans crusts), scones and fanciful cakes and tarts.

Realising that there really isn't a neat way to butter a scone I slathered mine in strawberry jam and clotted cream. Divine!
The sunshine was glorious so we sat in the garden. Surrounded by hoppity robins and butterflies we admired the vintage signs that surrounded us.
The Fourteas is a 1940's themed tea room. It's so lovely I had to take a sneaky picture of the inside. They play 1940's songs and the menus are ration books. It's so wonderful! 
Full of cake we wondered towards the river, admiring the abundance of boats.
Then, to commemorate such a lovely girls day we decided to take a selfie. We got a couple of one good ones....
But mostly they looked a lot like this...
I hope you enjoyed my little lifestyle post! I think it makes a nice change from the usual product waffle stuff :) Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.



  1. lovely photos! The cakes look delicious x

  2. Sounds like a fab girly day!


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