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New Nails! Essie Fiji and Urban Jungle

I accidentally bought more Essie nail polishes. I think I need to enforce a ban because it's becoming a bit of a problem. The reason I bought them, and somehow managed to justify the purchase (knowing full well that I absolutely do not need any more nail polish) was that they seemed different. And they are.

Both of these polishes are extremely opaque given how pale they are. Fiji, a white based pink is a solid matt. Urban Jungle is a very pale sandy grey, also insanely opaque for it pale shade. And they are beautiful, tan enhancing colours.  I say this now. The first day I wore Urban Jungle I wasn't convinced. I was a little unsure whether the colour was a little to close too that of spat out chewing gum. I learned to love it though deciding that no, it's rather chic. This would definitely look better on tanned skin and darker skin tones though. It just doesn't quite work with my ghostly completion.

I would recommend Fiji for sure. As for Urban Jungle...I'd love to know what you think. So you're aware though, the formula is a bit of a b**ch. The first 2 coats are a big ol' streaky, scary mess. Just when you slap on a third coat, think it's all gone to hell and reach for the acetone something rather magical happens. Balance is restored when you realise your polish is bloody marvellous and you haven't just wasted 8 quid of your hard earned cash. Hurrah!

Have you tried either of these colours? What do you think?


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