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Review: Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil

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I'm a big fan of the Caudelie Divine Oil. It is divine and smells like heaven in a bottle but at £25 per 100ml it certainly isn't cheap. Ever the bargain hunter I wondered if the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil could be the budget friendly option that I had been searching for.

The Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil promises perfect looking skin. Five times more concentrated in nutrients than their regular body lotion it is enriched with 4 precious oils - Argan, Macademia, Almond and Rose to visibly beautify the skin. 

Lets start with the oil itself. It does smell delicious, very mellow and warm. The Beauty Oil does sink in quite quickly although this is definitely a evening oil for me as it isn't quite as weightless as the description would lead you to believe. I do find this to be extremely moisturising, possibly even on a par with my beloved Body Shop Body Butter's.

Onto the packaging. Sprays for the body can be a hit and miss. I adore the Vaseline Spray & Go which is more of an aerosol. This is a old school pump action spray though.

The first time I used this I got myself in a bit of a pickle. I sprayed a leg then rubbed it in. Then realised that my hands were so oily I couldn't get enough grip on the bottle to spray anymore. Having washed and dried my hands and the bottle I managed to continue by holding the bottom of the bottle with one palm and dispensing the product by pressing on the spray top with the other palm. 

For attempt number two I had a plan. Spray everywhere first and then rub it in. Genius I thought. Foolproof! It was all gong so well until I tried to spray behind my legs, the bottle tipped and oil leaked through the sides of the pump. My hands were covered in oil and I had to refer to the previous precarious palm method. Less than ideal I'm sure you'll agree.

The Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil is a genuinely good product. It smells great and gives a surge of moisture without leaving you feeling like you've been trapped in an oil spill. However, I just can't get on with the packaging! For me it just doesn't function as it should which is such a shame. I'll continue to use this but I think I might dispense it into an old Johnson's Baby Oil bottle. 

For more information on the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil and stockists click here

Have you tried any of the new Garnier body oils? What did you think?


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