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Warwick Castle

In case you don't already know, I live in Warwick. It's a lovely sleepy little town. There are a few shops, pubs and restaurants and a really, really big castle.
Warwick Castle from above
On Sunday we decided to go for a little wonder round. With my (metaphorical) tourist hat on I climbed the 500 steps to the to top of the tallest tower and wondered along the battlements.
Tammie is climbing up the tower steps
With our feet firmly back on the ground we pottered over to the Birds of Prey show. Huge Eagles swooped and soared majestically above our heads.

Eagle in front of the tower
Close up of an eagle
The chap explained how vultures eat their meals. I won't go in to detail, it's enoughto put you off your lunch.
Vulture with wings out landing
Wondering through the grounds we saw a fitting place for Dave to sit and reflect for a little while.
With Dave having realised the error of his ways we headed over the river and towards to the jousting field.
We waited for the knights to arrive and for the show to begin. The horses galloped past with purpose.
Warwick Castle Medieval Knight
Warwick Castle Medieval Knight
The knights charged at each other and as their lances collided wood splinters flew through the air.
two knights on horses joustings
After all that excitement we decided we needed to do something relaxing. We spotted a sign for the rose garden and bounded over.
Warwick Castle Rose Garden plaque
We were greeted by a beautiful waterfall with a lily pond.
Dave stole the camera and took some sneaky snaps.
So when he least expected it, I took my revenge!
I took a lot of pictures of peacocks. I thought I'd spare you all 22 photos but I had to show you this little guy. Isn't he regal?
Time flew and all of a sudden it was time to head back over the river to see the trebuchet show.
A trebuchet is a sieze engine similar to a catapult. At 18 meters tall (59ft) and 33 tonnes it's certainly impressive. The trebuchet is powered by four men running inside the huge wheels, rather like a giant hamster ball.
Flames shot into the air and the catapult fired! A ball of fire shot into the air and blazed across the bright blue sky. Astonishingly there was still more to do....but that's for another day.



  1. That's such an incredible looking castle! I love peacocks too, they always look so proud and confident when they walk past people hahaha. :) x

  2. It's a fantastic castle and a great day out. Aw peacocks are beautiful. Sometimes they escape the castle walls and wonder round town.

  3. Beautiful photos. Warwick castle looks amazing! x

    Telina | Love, Telina


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