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All The Best Stuff is From Japan

If you're one of those super organised people that has already started shopping for Christmas presents make sure you check out Cakes with Faces. The company is owned by graphic designer and YouTuber Amy who creates Japanese inspired T-shirts, artwork, cushions, watches and jewellery.

Her work is fantastic and you'll probably recognise her work if you attended Comic Con London or Hyper Japan. Lets also take a moment to appreciate Amy's hair because it's wonderfully spectacular...
Amy at the Cakes with Faces stand at Hyper Japan
Onto the gifts...

If you know someone who loves their sushi, this recipe comic book is sure to be a winner. The cute characters guide you though how to make hosomaki, fotomaki and nagiri as well as how to cook edamame and gyoza to complete your meal. The gift set also includes two pairs of reusable chopsticks and a Yataka bamboo rolling mat so you have everything you need to start rolling your sushi! 

Cakes with Face Sushi Recipe Book
How to Make Sushi Gift Set - £6.50
How to Make Sushi - Inside 
Have a friend that's always late? Try dropping them a not so subtle hint with one of the super cute watches. (Also, I apologise for being that friend).
Watermelon watch
Watermelon Watch - £28
Cat Watch
Neko Cat Watch - £28
Have you seen these earrings? I think they might be cutest things ever. Plus they come in a lovely black presentation box, which makes wrapping a darn site easier. 
Japanese inspired earrings
Cute Stud Earrings Set - £15
Make sure you check out Amy's YouTube channel where she talks all things Japan, from the wacky to the downright weird. Plus, she always has a segment where you can learn a bit of Japanese. See, it's educational too (sort of)..



  1. This brand looks so cute! I have never heard of Cakes With Faces, but they look unreal! Thanks for sharing this. I love the pillows at the top!

  2. Everything is adorable! And Amy is so lovely and helpful. Such fun Christmas gifts for family and friends :-)


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