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These are a Few of my Favourite Things...

Lush Christmas Bath Stuff

Tis the season to be jolly! Jolly that the Lush Christmas collection is out! When I saw these little chap's I couldn't resist. Also, just to give you a giggle, here's the thought process that enabled me to rationalise the purchase of The Melting Snowman...

"Ooh! A Snowman! There's a snowman in Frozen called Olaf. I love Frozen, also my uncle is called Olaf. Therefore I NEED this snowman!"

I kid you not.

Anyway, The Melting Snowman is gorgeous. He smells all Christmasy and spicy. Choc full of almond oil and cocoa butter he left my skin feeling super soft. Just the ticket as my skin seems to have gone into dry winter mode.

I also picked up the Butterbear. He has the same vanilla fragrance as the Butterball bath bomb and is also packed full of cocoa butter. He's quite powdery though so be careful when sniffing. I got a bit overzealous and basically snorted him. Not a pleasant experience.

Yorkshire Tea

It goes without saying that I love tea. However, I have a renewed love for Yorkshire Tea having spent a couple of weeks abroad. I managed to track down some Twinings for $6. It did the job but there in't nowt like Yorkshire Tea. 

Glamour Magazine

I have an annual subscription to Glamour Magazine (many thanks to Dave's Mummy). I've been loving reading this in the tub as I've been trying to take more baths before bed. It's actually doing a great job at helping me to relax after work and get a better nights sleep. Plus, it's actually rather nice to spend half an hour away from a screen. 

What are your favourite things?



  1. Isn't bath time the best? Especially with Christmassy lush products?! I need to make a habit of leaving my phone behind when I take a bath. It's always with me!


  2. I love your mug x


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