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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas surrounded by wonderful people. We did a bit of a tour of England leaving Warwick to spend some time with my family in Yorkshire, then dashing back down to the Midlands to see Dave's family. It meant that we were lucky enough to have a whole week of opening presents, which was really rather fabulous.

On Boxing day evening the snow began to fall. Like little kids we ran outside all excited, but quickly realised it was, unsurprisingly, very cold. Unprepared and shivering we sensibly headed indoors, cuddled a radiator and vowed to head out the next day for a morning walk.

We walked down the road and on to Chasewater. Clearly the deer were happy about the snow too as they were all out to play. Mummy's and babies cuddled together for warmth. They were more than happy to pose for photos.
Photogenic little chap isn't he?
My trusty Hunter wellies got an outing too. I absolutely love these boots. They're super comfy and because they're tall I'm able to jump in puddles and wade through boggy marsh areas, splashing around happy as Larry without a trouble in the world. 

I have the Women's Original Back Adjustable Wellington Boots. I chose the adjustable version as I wanted to be able to wear them for work and thought it would be easier to get them on and off. Frankly, the idea of hopping around for half an hour and generally looking like a Muppet in front of my colleagues didn't appeal.

They're also good if you plan on wearing anything other than skinny jeans as you can create extra tucking in room.

Anywho, back to the walk... 
Dave, being a boy decided that he would play with ice. Which, fortunately he quickly tired of and we went back to deer stalking...
We continued our walk in the direction of home ready for a hot mug of tea and a pub lunch.



  1. Great photos x


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