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Middle Caicos: Indian Cave

We crossed the bumpy causeway from North Caicos to Middle Caicos and stopped a little after the Blue Horizon resort. 

Just off the road and down a path hidden by overgrown shrubbery sits Indian Cave. 
Like most sinkholes and caves in Turks and Caicos, Indian Cave was created by acidic rain water which carved its way through the soft limestone rock. 

This cavern is full of light which enters in spectacular streams through the ceiling. What makes this cave truly remarkable though is the nature that grows and lives within it.
Vines hang from the ceiling like rope just begging to be climbed. The distant shuffle of bats trying to get their beauty sleep can just be heard over the distant lapping of the ocean. The hoots of the owls, the chirping of the birds and the soft scuttling of the crabs on the sandy floor create a unique and 
magical sound track.
Archaeological digs have found signs of human habitation here dating back to before Columbus, although it is not known whether people actually lived here or just used the cave to shelter from storms.

Whilst difficult to find, Indian Cave is worth the work. An spectacular experience with a tranquil atmosphere, Indian cave was one of the unexpected highlights of the trip.



  1. Wow! It's beautiful there!!!! I would love to go there! Have a happy week!

  2. It's amazing! Thank you, you too 😊


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