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Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I was so excited when Elle dropped through my letterbox this month with a corker of a freebie. Oh yes, a sample size Benefit Roller Lash mascara a whole month before it hit's the Benefit beauty counter.

I admit I like the somewhat controversial They're Real! mascara and have purchased two or three full sized tubes. I like the lengthening effect. I like that it doesn't flake or smudge. I love that as a contact lens wearer it doesn't irritate my eyes.

I hate that's it's such a total b***ch to remove. All that scrubbing removes my eyelashes (certainly not the point of a mascara) and honestly, it worries me that I might be giving myself lines by damaging the delicate eye area.

So how does the Roller Lash mascara compare?

Just like the They're Real! you really don't have to worry about smudging, flaking or eye irritation. Once this is on, it's on. This laughs in the face of rain, gales and snow. A five minute walk give me the opportunity to test all three.

It's gives a more natural finish than the They're Real!, although it is build-able so if it's a more dramatic effect you're after it's definitely achievable.

This is a lengthening mascara (so if it's loads of volume you're after you might want to try the Benefit Bad Gal mascara, although opt for the waterproof version if you don't fancy sporting the Gene Simmons Kiss makeup look) but unlike a lot of lengthening mascaras I've tried it manages to leave lashes look full and not spindly and sad.

My absolute favourite thing about this mascara is that it seems to offer all of the benefits (geddit?!) of the They're Real! without any of the draw backs. I find this super easy to remove with my Garnier Micellar water.

I read somewhere that Benefit claim that by using this mascara you'll never have to curl your lashes using traditional eyelash curlers again. Well that's a bunch of old claptrap. It certainly makes you look more awake, so on those mornings when you're tired/ running late/ generally can't be arsed you could probably skip that step and no-one would be any the wiser.  

In conclusion, If you liked the They're Real, you'll probably love this. If you hated They're Real for any reason other than it took about a year to remove and when it did come off it did it took your luscious lashes with it, you might not. But seeing as this is a freebie and the magazine is pretty darn good you might want to drag yourself down the supermarket and pick up a copy before they inevitably sell out.

And yes, I liked it so much I bought an extra copy as a back up. A third might not be out of the question.

Have you tried the Benefit Roller Ball mascara? What did you think? What was your opinion of the They're Real!?



  1. I have been using They're Real and love and loathe it for the exact reason you put here... Roller Lash - I'm coming for you!! (p.s. totally sold on the camera now... GORGEOUS photos lovely!) xo

  2. I hated They're Real but so far loving the Roller Lash! It really looks great on.

    beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

  3. So interesting - I also loved the They're Real... but stopped buying because of the hassle it was to remove.. hardly anything worked! Until they released their own remover.. which is SO expensive... still not too sure if its worth it. I HATE the Roller Lash.... I can't say why, but maybe once it has dried out a little.....This is a great review; useful! I loved that you bought an extra copy of Elle just for the freebie!! True Beauty Gal Style!

  4. I LOVE They're Real (and interestingly, don't find it hard to remove though I use a two-phase oil based eye make up remover along with Bioderma) but I really really really liked this to. I'm into mascaras that oopmh up length so it was right up my street.

    Definitely considering getting the full size once I'm in need of a new tube!


  5. Definitely love this mascara! Gives my lashes a beautiful oomph! xx


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