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Rub Smokehouse Review, Birmingham

Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Beat the Meat Taco Burger
Beat the Meat Taco Burger
On Saturday I decided to get the gang together and head into Birmingham to the much anticipated Rub Smokehouse. If it's a belly busting Man vs Food style American BBQ feast you're after, then this is the place for you. 

The menu is broken down into sections with 'normal sized portions' and #EPICFOOD. And EPIC is not an exaggeration folks.

Let's start with the gargantuan Beat the Meat (*chortle) Taco Burger (above). Two 6oz cheeseburgers sandwiched with a pulled chicken taco, and a pulled pork taco, dressed with sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos in a Brioche Bun served with skin on fries.

Overall this tasted great. The pulled pork and pulled chicken were well seasoned with just enough spice to balance the flavours, although the shells were a little tough. The burger patties were a little under seasoned, but were well cooked (pink) and retained their moisture.
Rub Smokhouse Birmingham Big Boy USA in Little Italy
Big Boy USA in Little Italy
Matt and Carl both ordered the behemoth Big Boy USA in Little Italy; a double cheeseburger, in a bun with fries wrapped up in a BBQ and mozzarella flavoured calzone, served with an extra portion of skin on fries and BBQ dipping sauce. The guys said this tasted good but if they were being really picky the underside of the calzone tasted a tad burnt. There were impressed by the sheer scale of the meal though.
Rub Smokhouse Birmingham Big Boy USA in Little Italy
Big Boy USA in Little Italy

Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Chicken n Waffles
Chicken n Waffles
Lauren ordered the rub spiced, floured and fried chicken with Belgian waffles served with maple syrup and sweet potato fries. Lauren, not being a big spicy food lover was a bit concerned this would blow here head off. Apparently the unusual combination of spicy chicken and maple syrup worked well and the sweetness perfectly balanced the spice.
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Mixed Pulled Pork Chilli Con Carne
Mixed Pulled Pork Chilli Con Carne
I ordered the mixed pulled pork chilli con carne served with dirty rice, sour cream and nachos. I absolutely loved this. The spicy, smokey and sweet pulled pork chilli con carne was balanced beautifully by the freshness of the sour cream and the slightly spicy rice. I was blown away and would gladly order it again. I also ordered a side of cheese fries. These were OK, less authentically American than I hoped. If you haven't been to the states and had spray on cheese you haven't lived.... To be fair, it's probably banned in the UK for health reasons so I'll let them off.
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Hot Dawg
Hot Dawg
Matt ordered the Hot Dawg; smoked frankfurter with onion. He opted for extra jalapenos and an extra sausage.

Matt generally goes for the veggie option when we go out so I was surprised to see he managed to wolf this down so quickly. He probably gave me a full review, but I was busy making sausage jokes.
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Risk it for a Brisket #Epic Platter
Risk it for a Brisket #Epic Platter
Kat ordered the Risk it for a Brisket #EpicPlatter with a side of Macaroni cheese. Although the JD BBQ gravy was delicious, the brisket was a little disappointing. It was a bit dry and just didn't deliver the slow smoked tender, flaky, flavour we were expecting. The macaroni cheese was phenomenal though.
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Food blogger Tam Loves Tea
From bottom left clockwise: Matt, Kat, Carl, Matt, Foz, Lauren, Tam (me) and Dave.
Onto cocktails!
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Born on the 4th July Cocktail
Born on the 4th July Cocktail
Matt ordered the Born on the 4th July cocktail. Jim Beam bourbon, fresh banana, pancake syrup, blakberries, lemon juice and ginger beer. Frankly, I couldn't care less what it tastes like. It came with a firework! Sold.

The Big Easy
Foz ordered The Big Easy. Southern Comfort, macaroon syrup, blackberries, lemon juice, peychaud bitters and grape soda work together to create a delicious fruity cocktail with a kick. It also comes with these beautiful gold beads so it looks nice and manly for your most macho of friends.
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham
The restaurant is huge and occupies the space above Wetherspoons on Broad Street/ Regents Wharf. The decor is urban and contemporary. Lager groups sit on benches that look like they're made of pallets. We found that with so many guys over 6" and the sheer quantity of food that was supplied, it did get a little cramped and times. Also, wooden benches? Not so comfy. 
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Rub Smokehouse is definitely worth a visit. Go with a group of mates, enjoy epic portions of food, eat your burger to Eye of the Tiger and drink cocktails with fireworks.

YOu can check out their website and book a table online here or view the menu here
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham
Rub Smokehouse Birmingham


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