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Why Estate Agents Need to Learn a Lesson from High End Fashion Retailers

It may sound obvious, but a house (or flat) is not a minor purchase. It isn't like buying a packet of chewing gum at the till or grabbing a top for a night out that you'll probably wear once. It's a big, life altering decision and one of the most stressful times of your life. Being a blogger, and female, I find myself drawing similarities between the luxury fashion industry and the property industry. Lets face it, a couple of hundred grand is not small sum. 

Scenario one

So Pretty Woman Style you're looking to buy yourself a whole new designer wardrobe (a girl can dream). You're given a glass of champagne and shown to a seat. You make yourself comfortable and the sales assistant starts bringing you beautiful items to peruse; the finest Italian leather, the best craftsmanship, the softest cashmere, lace made by blind french nuns. You're made to feel warm and fuzzy. You get excited. You enjoy the experience and you're happy to spend the money knowing that you deserve this. You worked hard for this. These shoes/ bags/ clothes will bring you joy.

Scenario two

You finally find a house that's still for sale, you grab your bestie for an opinion you know and trust. You excitedly jump in the car and navigate your way through a part of town you've never been before. You spot the estate Agent, clip board in hand and give him a big grin. 

"Hello!" you say. The Estate Agent looks disgruntled and says "We'll have to make this quick, I've got to be at another viewing in 15 minutes." You get ushered round the house at light speed and try to make small talk when the Estate Agent says "Of course buying is cheaper but you need the money. I've just shown someone around that's buying to let. She has the money. Do you??" You find this a little shocking but politely nod and say that you have a deposit. You smile, leave, and because you're British you just quietly seethe.

Would you buy a £1500 handbag if the sales assistant was rude? Would you buy a pair of Laboutins if you were told you'd have to be quick? I think not.

Mary Portas, Queen of customer service, I beg of you, show the Estate Agents of Britain how to treat people with respect. Show them how to give us warm, fuzzy feelings. Show them how to be enthused. Hell, just show them how to answer a telephone. At this point my expectations are pretty low.

Have you bought a property? How did you find the whole process?


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