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You might have noticed things have been a little quiet round these parts lately. And there's very good reason for that... things have been crazy busy because... we're buying a house!

After much deliberation (over the course of a week) we decided to go down the new build route. Two weeks ago we found a little estate in Leamington Spa, had a wonder down, saw a house, decided to buy it and we're meant to be moving in next week! So between signing reams of paperwork, sorting stuff, packing and having only two emotions - absolutely terrified and wildly excited, there hasn;t been all that much spare time for blogging.

Doing the 5:2 diet with The Fast Diet Kitchen

So, I'm trying a new diet. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of diet plans - we all know that it's all about healthy eating and exercise. But after going on holiday and just not paying attention to what I've been eating I feel like a need a giant kick up the arse and a big dollop of motivation.
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