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You might have noticed things have been a little quiet round these parts lately. And there's very good reason for that... things have been crazy busy because... we're buying a house!

After much deliberation (over the course of a week) we decided to go down the new build route. Two weeks ago we found a little estate in Leamington Spa, had a wonder down, saw a house, decided to buy it and we're meant to be moving in next week! So between signing reams of paperwork, sorting stuff, packing and having only two emotions - absolutely terrified and wildly excited, there hasn;t been all that much spare time for blogging.

I would have told you the super exciting news sooner but I've been a bit paranoid about jinxing it. To the point where we haven't bought anything for the new house yet. At all. Which means you can expect some pretty epic home ware hauls in the not so distant future.

Also, and this is the really exciting bit.... I'll have a whole room of my own for blogging. Oh yes. There's gonna be so much white marble.......


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