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Getting Organised

There's something about a trip to Paperchase that always makes me feel more organised and efficient. I popped in the other day and found this genius little planner. I love the cute watercolour polkadot design and have received so many compliments. 
There are 4 different types of page design. You can take notes, make lists, keep track of appointments and plan your day. If you're heading back to uni this month or just need a little daily structure, then you need this in your life. 
I can't find this on the website but I'd highly recommend popping in to your local store.
What are your top tips for staying organised?


Going Blonde

Yes! I have gone blond, and I. Am. Loving it. This isn't my first foray into a more honeyed hue. I was a blond at uni and for some reason I just hadn't been feeling my brunette locks for a while. 

So knowing that a shit tonne of bleach on your hair isn't necessarily the best way to create lustre and shine, I nipped down my local boots and picked up a few products help make my hair journey as smooth and tangle free as possible. 

I have been obsessed with the L'Oreal Leave In in Conditioner for years. It's by far the best leave in conditioner I've ever tried. Non sticky, detangling and a total bargain. Next I picked up the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Perfector Oil. Not quite as good as Morrocan Oil but still lightweight and non greasy, and also a fraction of the price. Plus, anything that smells of coconut-y deliciousness gets a thumbs up from me.  

Meet my new BFF - the John Frieda Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo has brought me back from the brink of brassiness more than once, reducing yellow tones with it's vibrant purple tint. It's become a bathroom staple. However, while I would 100% recommend the shampoo, the conditioner has left me underwhelmed. Firstly, I wonder if the slight purple tinge actually makes any difference at all and secondly, it's just a bit weak when it comes to detangling an unruly mane.

Aaaaand finally, no haircare regime would be complete without a hair mask.  I'm a big fan of the Toni and Guy Cleanse: Dry Shampoo so I thought I'd branch out and give the Nourish Reconstruction mask a whirl. Now, this mask isn't the most intensely moisturising mask, but it leaves hear feeling soft and bouncy, not greasy and heavy like others I've tried. I love that I can put this everywhere, including my roots my for quick shot of moisture.

What are your favourite hair products? Comment below with your recommendations!

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