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A night at the movies

I love going to the cinema. It's a real treat just to sit and watch a film without the phone ringing, pinging or buzzing. You get to be transported somewhere exciting for an hour or two, ideally with a delicious treat.
But, I have two problems with cinemas in general. 
1. I'm a bit short so I regularly get a partial view thanks to a head blocking the screen
2. Leg room is an issue. And there's always someone who wants to trip over your handbag no matter how well it's hidden. 

But, I've recently discovered the Showcase de Lux in Wallsgrave, Coventry, and I'll tell you what. It's a bit of a game changer. 

So the first thing to note is the leg room. Loads. Masses of it. Huge swathes of open space in which to wiggle your legs in the air - which I did.

Next are the seats. Big leather padded chairs. They recline. There's a foot rest. It's all electric. And they're awesome. 
So you're thinking - OK so you pay twice as much right? Nope. Same price. Actually, probably a bit less. 

This is First Class cinema. And I'm not the only one loving the fancy seats. The news is spreading fast! I've already been to see Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, Spider Man and Baywatch. And you know what? It's definitely worth the extra drive. 

Have you tried Showcase Cinema de Lux yet? I'd love to know what you think!

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